Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Ok, I know Halloween was like 5 months ago, and I wasn’t really planning to write anything about it, but then I accidentally scrolled through Amanda’s pictures of us spending Halloween night together at Butter Factory, and everything about that night came back to me, so I decided to just share it with you guys :)

And to be honest, this was my first time ever dressing up for Halloween, and to really have fun, even though I wouldn’t call it “dressed up”, because it was super easy and most of the night I couldn’t get my fangs to stick on my teeth, I’ll get back on that later.

I think I spent about 3 hours getting ready for this look, I know it ‘looks’ fairly simple, but I swear it’s not, well come to think of it, it is simple, maybe I just move too slow. And not sure if you’ve noticed, I’m only wearing one side of my fangs, haha! Funniest thing, the fangs Calista bought for me did not come with the mould that makes the fangs stick to my teeth, so Amanda had to cut out really strong double sided tapes in small squares and stick them on my teeth, but still, they wouldn’t stick due to my over-flowing saliva, so I had to keep those fangs in my pocket and only bring them out and stick on temporarily for pictures :( So miserable!

Airbrush tattoo for free at the entrance!

Kisses! Love them so much <3

Glad I spent my first proper Halloween with them :)

Silly girl Calista even brought her polaroid cam along, but I’m glad she did! Definitely a film-worthy night.


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