Monday, October 22, 2012

An afternoon with Jimmy Choo

Yes, I totally met Dato’ Jimmy Choo in real life, 3D, breathing and alive. And to add more to that, YES, I totally shamelessly took a selfshot with him, haha!

He came to my college to give a talk about his journey to success, and he was so much friendlier and down to earth than I thought he would be. His talk definitely inspired me a lot, makes me want to work harder and do better even more.


Grace took pictures of me camwhoring with Dato’ Jimmy Choo, don’t know where the hell I got the guts to do this, because I used to be the one who would just follow what other people are doing to blend in, but everyone else was taking those standard fan pics with Jimmy, and I thought “Omg so boring”, and since Dato’ Jimmy was being so nice and kind, I figured '”I’ll camwhore with him! Yea that’s a good idea!”

And so I did, my hand was literally shaking while holding my iPhone, because I was so nervous and excited, but the picture turned out great, so damn happy, now my next goal is to purchase a pair of Jimmy Choo’s myself.

photo (2)_副本

He was kind enough to sign an autograph for me at the back of my notebook.

photo (4)_副本

One thing I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.


photo (1)_副本

A blurry group photo with the legend himself. Fyi, these amazing girls are my classmates, love them to death!


photo (3)

Last but not least, what I wore on that day. I call this the ‘Fake LBD’, because it actually is a 2 piece made to look like a 1 piece.

Sleeveless collar top: vintage

Silver belt: unknown

Flare skirt: Korea

Bag: Niceshop

Earrings: Forever 21

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