Saturday, September 29, 2012

We’re back!!!

OH EM GEE, I’ve been gone for so long I know but I’m finally back from all the hectic schedule, my previous semester just ended and it is now the 2nd last day of my semester break, which means I will be going back to college again next week, bummer.. But honestly, I miss my classmates a lot, guys if you’re reading this, HI!!!! <3333

So right, I know the Monochrome Madness issue was suppose to be out gazillion years ago but FML I had to prepare for presentations and so many of my friends are leaving the country for further studying so I had to spend as much time with them as possible, hence the M.I.A. Thousand apologies!

DSC_0135_副本 (2) copy

I'm adding watermarks to the rest of the pictures now so they should all be out real soon.

Have you checked out Xtina’s new music video? Can’t say much about the song, but I love all the colours in the video.


Have a great weekend loves!

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