Thursday, August 30, 2012


It’s almost September and I barely blogged this month, August was filled with so many ups and downs, I’m getting so worn out to be honest, but great thing is I had a secret getaway with few of my ex-collegemates at an amazing place that I can’t talk about on the internet, because the owner doesn’t want any publicity :(

So anyway, I haven’t been blogging much because I was rushing my soul out writing reports and doing researches for my assignments, went on some road trips, had a job interview (I wasn’t hired, boo!), had crazy allergies where my thigh and elbow were covered in rashes, eyelids were swollen, sprained my neck so badly that I couldn’t get myself out of bed, etc, etc.

And I feel so bad that I haven’t done the August photo shoot yet, thanks to the crazy schedule and illness…and vacation :D But I’m preparing all the coordination, and we’re proceeding with the shoot on the 31st of August, so fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

My neck, I’m alright now by the way.

Road trip to Ipoh, because dimsum is A MUST!

This was taken yesterday at the place that I can’t name, well let’s call it “Paradise” for now. Definitely missing the Paradise already,and also my awesome collegemates. I really hope we can do this every year!


Ok, not much of a decent blog post but this is all I can come up for now, I promise I’ll be back really soon! In the mean time, you can follow me on my tumblr and Pinterest, where I reblog and repin all of the images that inspire me, see ya! Xx



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