Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hey there! Today I’m just going to update you on my personal life, only if you’re interested, but I don’t think you have much of a choice, haha.

First of all, I made bacon aglio-olio, topped with cherry tomatoes, half of a hard boiled egg, and a piece of broccoli, to give it a really nice colour palette.

All you need is to boil the spaghetti, pan fry the bacon, heat up the olive oil with chopped garlic for extra fragrance, mix all of these together, sprinkle some chilli flakes, and basil herbs. Cut a cherry tomato and a half boil egg into half, and also a piece of broccoli, and decorate it on top of the spaghetti, put a few drops of olive oil on top of the decoration and last but not least, take tons of pictures of your beautiful dish.

You can alter the recipe to make it yours, you can add seafood, or make it vegetarian, your choice! The thing I like about this, is that you can make it however you want.

Maybe I should start making videos of my cooking. Yes? No?

What should my next dish be? Bite-sized mac&cheese or Grilled mustard chicken breast?


Had a mini photo shoot with my classmates last Tuesday.


And these are some of it, pictures above are taken by the talented Christ Richard Chandra (A raffles student), can’t wait to get the rest of the pictures from him! Will upload more when I get them.

I uploaded this picture on Instagram and it went a lil crazy, this is actually my classmate Ester’s, but people thought it was mine, I thought you all knew I’m not a Malaysian :’( ! But still, it was really heart-warming to know that so many of you are so supportive of me, maybe I will take part in this pageant next year when I get my Malaysian PR, then you guys can see me on TV :)

And once again, I’m so sorry for the friendly joke, my bad :/

My yesterday’s look in college.

Looking pretty bloated here for some reason, maybe it’s time for me to stop stuffing every food I can find into my mouth, not to mention the lack of exercise these few weeks. College assignments and projects became so hectic as everything is getting closer and closer to the due date *cries*


Last but not least, congratulations to Dato’ Lee Chong Wei for the silver medal, I’ve never seen Malaysians being so united and patriotic, NEVER! I hope he can postpone his retirement because he deserves that Gold medal more than anyone else.

And also to my other country, South Korea, congratulation for currently placing in the 4th for the number of gold medals earned, 11 or 12 I lost count, but yay! HWAITING!


More soon! See ya! Xx

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