Saturday, August 4, 2012

DIY Weekend: Floral headbands

Hi there! It’s weekend again!


This time I decided to DIY some floral headbands since I found some fake flowers in the storeroom which you can always get them at the 5 ringgit store Daiso or any arts and crafts store, and I also bought some plain headbands at the night market for 3 for RM10, but you can also use your old regular plain headbands if you have any that you want to get rid of.

You’ll also need hot glue gun, tweezer for easier application, and I needed masking tape for mine because the hot glue wouldn’t stick to the surface of my plain headbands, but I taped a layer of masking tape on it and it had no trouble sticking anymore.

Here are the pictures of the outcome!









I think flowers look great no matter how you arrange them, freestyle or uniform, they all look amazing.

I also made a small floral gift box for my classmate Julie as her birthday present, here are the pictures.

DSC_0119_副本 I used a.. what do you call this? Transparent plastic container? And I painted it white.


DSC_0112_副本 Added a red ribbon too to make the whole box look more “complete”.


DSC_0113_副本 This is how the inside looks like, 2 pairs of earrings and some fake leaves.


So that’s it! Hope you’ll have a great weekend! Bye :)

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