Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday NOT SO Blue

Posted this on Instagram earlier, yes I made this! Too easy I must say, but still looks kinda cute so I decided to take a picture and share with all of you! Yes, how kind of me.


It’s Monday today, everyone hates Monday but I don’t, because I never have to go to college on Mondays since like idontknowhowmanycenturiesago. But if you do, cheer up! And be grateful that you’ve been given another day to live and to learn new things in life.

Ok, this is a meaningless post, I’m sorry if you came all the way here to my blog expecting to get some informative..information. But hey, there’s a photo of an incredibly delicious looking brunch on top of this post, and even if you can’t eat it literally, I dedicate it to you and you can probably eat it by visualizing mentally, because it’s FULL of some Ashley love right there. Yeap!

Hope you’re having a not-so-blue Monday, and have a great week ahead!


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