Saturday, July 7, 2012

Le Ann Maxima Fall/Holiday 2012-13 Collection

[Read till the end as there’ll be a small giveaway! CLOSED!]
Malaysian home grown fashion label Le Ann Maxima has showcased their latest collection, The Ancient and the Exotic, an Urban Interpretation in its flagship store in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya and I was one of the few lucky ones to attend their fashion preview before the garments are made available to the public during September (YAY!).
The photos I took of the garments were pretty disappointing as most of them were out of focus, but the garments themselves are breathtakingly amazing, you have my word, keep scrolling down as I share with you some of my favourites from the whole collection, you will be amazed by the unexpected prints, patterns and vibrant colours.
The dominant theme of Cleopatra symbolizes the sensuality, lust, allure, beauty and desirability of an ancient Egyptian icon who surpasses her own time.

DSC_0359_副本 DSC_0665  DSC_0635-horz
Untitled-322 Chinoiserie refers to a recurring theme in European artistic styles since the seventeenth century, which reflect Chinese artistic influences characterized by the use of fanciful imagery of an imaginary China, by asymmetry in format and whimsical contrasts of scale, and by the attempts to imitate Chinese porcelain and the use of lacquerlike materials and decorations.

This dress totally defines GLAMOUR.
Untitled-2 copy - Copy
The overriding theme of Urban Luxe is created by infusing the mentioned exotic influences with a tone of urban decadence. Colours are accentuated by mixing exotic prints and contrasting colours. Le Ann Maxima is highlighting on astounding effects of new fabrics, patchworks and energetic colours.
DSC_0622 My absolute favourite, nuff said.
Love the high slit, the belt, the colour, the laced back, I MUST GET IT!!!
Bad picture, but this is like the only photo I have of the laced back. Better than nothing :/
2nd favourite <3
These just brought me to a whole new level of peplum madness.
Pink pumps!

Please excuse my GIF obsession.

Adding in the hair&makeup here so you can refer to the photo above:
[HAIR] sophisticated bun and the feminine hair-all-over-to-one-side look.
[MAKEUP] smoky exaggerated black eye shadow, for the deep-set mysterious look adhering to the theme Cleopatra, and the bleached out eyebrows gave that extra little touch of modernism that it needed.
DSC_0756 Bloggers and media group photo.

Managed to get a photo with my twin Samantha Kong before I leave <3

Ok, now for the giveaway I mentioned earlier!
Just complete the sentence " I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because.." at the comment section below, and the best entry gets a RM100 voucher from Le Ann Maxima!
Easy right? Here’s mine, " I deserve to shop at Le Ann Maxima because their collection inspires me and I AM SO FREAKIN’ OBSESSED WITH THEIR MAXI DRESSES!" , ok you can’t use mine but I know you can come up with a better one.
Hurry up and get creative, you have until 10pm, 16 July 2012 (Mon) to send in your entry. And please leave your email address along with it so I can contact you when you win.
Good luck! :D

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