Saturday, July 14, 2012

InstaUpdate 140712

If you haven’t noticed, in the URL bar on top, we ditched the “blogspot” and are now using our very own domain! HOORAHHH!

I even changed my email address to , ok moving onnnnn.

High-low dress madness! Galaxy print dress from Runway Bandits, belt from Charles&Keith, clutch from Sometime, pumps from Agape Boutique

What I wore to Burlesque Splash Sunday party (click on the link if you haven’t seen the corset photos I’ve taken during the event). Aviators from Korea, denim vest (modified) from clothes buffet, wrist watch from Guess, white spaghetti from Forever21, skinnies from Topshop

Day out with AJ at Sunway Pyramid. Blazer from Zara, necklace from Diva (funniest story, I got this necklace from Diva for RM39 and few days later I saw the exact same one at Topshop selling for RM99 :S), yellow sheer top from clothes buffet again, white shorts from Cotton On, bag from Niceshop 

What I wore to Le Ann Maixma's Fall/Holiday fashion preview, by the way, have you participated in my giveaway contest yet?

Ruffle peplum top is mom’s which I stole from her because she never wears it, Charles&Keith belt, PU leather skirt from Cotton On, heels from Agape Boutique.

Celebrated mom’s birthday singing karaoke, lost my voice right after.

I’m wearing a print dress stolen from mom again, which she bought from a random boutique at Taipan, and strappy sandals that NewNew wore during the Colour Splash shoot, they’re from Voir, bought them wayyyy back in 2010? Can’t even remember.

Fat Boy’s burger, everyone was having it so I had to try it out. It was ok, didn’t wow-ed me but not disappointing either, worth the money!

Located at Publika.

Time to show off some abs of mine, ok maybe not so impressive but still good right? If you were wondering, which I highly doubt so, I only take yoga classes, twice a week (1.5hrs). No any sort of diet plans, I eat anything and everything I like, even supper and I go straight to bed right after, I guess I’m blessed with good genes, and trick is to suck in your tummy 24/7, oh! dancing in front of the mirror helps too :D

Went to AJ’s crib to help her alter her prom dress, and she prepared me this! Love people who practises gratitude. Ok, she didn’t make these herself, she bought them home but she did take the effort to heat them up for me, NOT with a microwave, like the old school way. And thanks to her, my new favourite waffle flavour is now peanut butter and strawberry, weirdest combination (for me) but tastes amazing!

NewNew and AJ both looking gorgeous (taken right after our Colour Splash shoot), and I wasn’t wearing any makeup, hence the flowers covering my eyes. Flower Power!

Peace out V

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