Wednesday, July 18, 2012

f.ART fest – What The f.ART?

An interesting event I would like to inform all of you my readers, because everyone is invited!

I know the name of the event sounds a little funky, it definitely caught my attention at first glance, I have no idea what’s the correct pronunciation is, but I think it should be F-ART, instead of Fart, because it’s a night of collaboration between Fashion and ART.

So, what is f.ART fest?

Bringing you a fun filled and multifarious party organized by a group of vigilance students from RAFFLES COLLEGE OF HIGHER EDUCATION.
The Fashion Marketing and Management students of Raffles see Fashion as not only textiles nor lifestyles, Music as not only a song nor lyrics and Dance as not only motion or how one move to the beat. Simultaneously these elements share the measure of culture and lifestyle. A brainchild project put together by the creative students whom work beyond their comfort zone witnessing the ability to move above and beyond the collaborative boundaries.
“Collaboration is the key to the 21st century”, as Sir Ken Robinson once said.

It is a ONE NIGHT of collaboration featuring all of the below,


  1. Loudboxx
    Loudboxx is a gig organizer that provides space and platform to those independent talented bands or solo acts.Enlarging their scope by involving Art and Fashion into their field.
  2. Gabba Gabba
    The brainchild of rhythm guitarist Wanjah, bored and sick and tired of the routine droll and generic pop music on the radio, finally deciding to kick some radio making his songs sound as mean as they can.
    The concept of their music have evolved significantly since the band's formation, having at first planned to make the band a post-punk outfit, but over time the band decided in putting elements of synthesizers, giving out a more disco vibe to their music. Wanjah then dubbed Gabba Gabba as a proto-punk outfit, with their namesake an homage to one of punk's pioneers and also one of their main influences, The Ramones.
  3. Sidewalk
    Previously known as Sidewalk Hyphenated, the alternative pop group reformed in the early 2011 with 3 new members, with Munir, the backbone of Coca D Monday and Edy Jeffry, music coordinator for Coca d’ Monday and secessionist for several local bands.
  4. BeatNation
    What is BeatNation? In a nutshell, BeatNation is a NGO that strives to increase the exposure of the Malaysia beatboxing scene while building a foundation for the scene at the same time. Not only that, BeatNation aims to achieve the recognition of beatboxers as artists and provided the rights as one as well


  1. Sabre
    Sabre Vision is the definitive raw of social reaction to saturated corporate surroundings, a brand dedicated to re-creating a new and original balance of creativity, community, and lifestyle with their crew of psychedelic anarchists.
    Sabre’s glasses are slick and they design with two main philosophies: Fast Times, which is a directional, handmade, fashion forward product and, Real Times, a more classic glass with simple detailing and clean, timeless lines.
    Need that extra kick of style into your street smart look? Then keep those peeps covered with the sharp style of Sabre Vision.



    Cordão de Ouro, meaning ‘golden cord', was established by Mestre Suassuna in 1967 in São Paulo, Brazil. Since then the group has grown from strength to strength, with it’s centre in Brazil and spreading to the rest of the world, including Malaysia.
    The style of their choreographies are called Contemporânea, meaning they play Regional and Angola as well as to train elements of newer movements that would not fall under either of those styles.


  1. Qusyairi Zazili
    Qusyairi believes art is more to an expression, it's about projecting a certain subject that others would figure out in their own way, which is very subjective.
    The artwork inspirations came mostly from the places he had travelled to.
    Qusyairi was graduated from MMU in Creative Multimedia.


If you’re a big fan of art, music, dance and of course fashion, like me, this is the night that you definitely DON’T WANT TO MISS.

All the information is on the event poster on top of this post, but I will repeat them again, because I simply can, kidding, just in case you..erm..can’t read out of a poster.

Venue: The Bee, Publika ( 36B, Level G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, KL )
Date: 26th July 2012
Time: 7.30pm till late
Entry Fee: RM30 + 2 drinks
*Call 016-4445856(Natasha) or 017-2190224(Myra) to purchase your tickets.

For more information, check out their Facebook fan page, Facebook event page, Twitter and Instagram (@fartfest).


I’ve already gotten my tickets, so I sincerely hope that I’ll see you there, hurry up and get your tickets now! Bye :)

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