Sunday, July 22, 2012

DIY Weekend: Old jeans & Tees

Hi guys! So today as I was browsing through some fashion videos on YouTube, I got inspired to alter some of my clothes that I’m got absolutely bored of.

Not so VaVaVoom, but here are some pictures, maybe YOU can get some inspirations out of them too.


Denim jeans into shorts. Nothing special about this, but I might add some studs to the shorts soon.

And those are the tools you might need if you’re planning to do some DIY to your clothes, ruler, a pair of really sharp scissors, pen/pencil/sharpie to mark the points where you wanna cut.

(Denim jeans from Cotton On which I bought around 2 years back)




Normal printed tee into ripped tank. Got this tee from Bandung, Indonesia, I think the ghosty/freaky print is pretty cool, kinda scary if you look at it for too long though, haha.




Added some shredded/ripped/torn details to it to give it some edginess.



Label acid-wash tee I got from Korea.


DSC_0054_副本Turned it into a fringe tank.

This is really easy too but here’s some quick tips if you want to make yours look exactly like mine.



Make sure to pull your individual fringe downwards to stretch to fabric.

DSC_0049_ copyNotice the difference? Before stretching the fabric, the fresh cut fringe is more of a Fettuccine form, and after stretching, it turns into Spaghetti! But you can skip this step if you prefer your fringe Fettuccine.



Also, make sure to pull each of the fringes apart a little, it’s ok if you tore the fabric, I even ripped out one of the fringes because I pulled it too hard, but it’s totally fine because it’s meant to look torn up.


I’ll make sure to post some pictures of me in these new DIY creations soon.

So, go pick up a pair of scissors and knock yourselves out! Turn your boring old clothes into new ones by adding some extra spice to it. Get creative! Good luck!


P/S I have a few more t-shirts to alter, so I’m sure there’ll be more coming real soon!

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