Sunday, July 1, 2012

BURLESQUE Splash Sunday by 360 Celsius Events

This is going to be a very sexy post, be prepared boys and girls ;)

Jaycee from Corset Me (if you haven’t heard of Corset Me, you can check out my blog post here) invited me to this Burlesque party 2 weeks ago, and once I got the invitation, I couldn’t resist, because Corset Me will be having their very first corset fashion show during the event itself, so of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!


It was held at The Pool, located along Jalan Ampang, it was my first time there, and I had to say it was the perfect venue for this party. Sexy girls wearing corsets and cute guys dipping themselves into the pool, especially in this hot Malaysia weather, eye candies for everyone! Not just me, my boyfriend who tagged along on that day enjoyed it far more than I did, and he was practically begging me to bring him if there’s another party like this one.





The emcee, Lexie Rodriguez in her glittzy gold corset.

DSC_0094_副本 DSC_0097_副本 DSC_0103_副本Little contest in between the fashion shows, yes, the ladies are helping the guys to put on their corsets.I have to say it was pretty entertaining :D

Ok, following are all the photos I took with my trusty Nikon during the shows.


Out of focus but I’ve been eyeing on this plain black one for a long time! Must get one for myself soon!


DSC_0041_副本 DSC_0043_副本










DSC_0209_副本DSC_0219_副本 DSC_0229_副本


They divided their show into 3 parts, and I didn’t manage to stay for the last one, so the photos above are only the 1st and 2nd shows. But you can easily tell that Corset Me provides a wide range of corsets for all the ladies out there, from flirty to sexy to sweet and glamorous.

Wearing corset is a great way to flaunt and accentuate your assets, and it is also a symbol of feminism, not to mention wearing corsets can correct your posture too, now I really need to get one since I have really bad posture especially when I’m sitting down. And don’t you worry about the corsets making you suffocate, because Corset Me corsets are all about being comfortable and sexy at the same time.

You can purchase their corsets at:

Also, do check out their Facebook page at:

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