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APAC Venture GLITZ & GLAM Bloggers Party

If you’re a total Chat Junkie like me, you would so totally love this. I’m the kind of person that rarely make phone calls, everything is settled through IMs, I don’t even send SMSes now, and if I really need to make a phone call, there are apps for that, which you make phone calls with internet connection instead of your carrier. But then again, I still hate making phone calls, because I’m more of a push-to-talk person (will talk more about it later). Well, for IMs, I only use a few certain ones because it seems like everybody is using same ones, even though there are some parts of the app that I’m not satisfied with, I still didn’t go and discover other better apps, instead I stick to using the same few mainstream ones.

Besides a chat junkie, I’m also a huge fan of Iphonegraphy, I take pictures of everything at anytime, anywhere and I need to share it with everybody. I also have no idea when and why did sharing your current location became a huge trend, but I just followed, and I got so used to it, I need to check in to wherever I go all the time.

With so many things to do, it’s super annoying that you need to use different apps for different things, for IM, push-to-talk, picture sharing, and checking-in, you’ll need AT LEAST 4 different apps! But with WeChat, things are so much easier as it is an ALL-IN-ONE app that satisfies all your needs.



WeChat is a leading free mobile platform developed by Tencent offering a suite of communication tools, social activity plug-ins, and personal content sharing application to answer the increasing user needs of SOLOMO (Social, Location, Mobile) in the mobile internet era.


It currently supports English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Thai, and Vietnamese on iOS, Android, Symbian, and Windows.

WeChat provides multimedia communication flexibility and convenience with text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging,
photo/video sharing, location sharing, and contact information exchange.




It also offers enhanced one-on-one and group chat sessions with an extensive range of
animated and custom emoticon and emoji art, customizable backgrounds, and a
Rock-Paper-Scissors mini-game.

IMG_4638IMG_4640IMG_4643IMG_4645 293815_10150958241238500_61359259_n

On top of that, WeChat encourages creative expression by allowing the user to apply artistic filters to photos, populate captioned photos into a personal photo journal, and distribute photos to friends.



Loaded with the revolutionary features such as "Moments", "Look Around", "Shake", and "Drift Bottle", WeChat allows shared streaming content feeds within a user’s network, and friend discovery plug-ins that allow users to make connections with other WeChat users both locally and internationally. WeChat has hit the 100 million users mark as at March 2012.


WeChat had certainly impressed me, AJ (Siaw Juang, my all time BFF and also one of my models for my monthly shoots) and I are constantly using the hold-to-talk option because it is just so convenient! We are both lazy asses but we have never ending topics to talk about, so if you want us type out a conversation, our thumbs might just break, with the hold-to-talk voice messaging, we never have to type, ever again!

And I don’t know if you’ll understand what I’m talking about, but with some other IM apps, there are very limited amount of emoticons to choose from, and it’s really suffering sometimes when you can’t really type out or record a voice message of your face expression or simply an emotion, but with WeChat’s wide range of emoticons, problems all solved! ;)

So if you haven’t installed this amazing app, go to the app store and install it now, don’t worry, it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE. You can add your friends by typing in their WeChat ID, through your phone contacts, and even through Facebook!


I was invited to their launch party the other day at Zouk, KL. Here’s a brief summary of what went on that night.


With the gorgeous ladies, Felixia Yeap and Yumi Wong.

(My bf suck at taking photos really, the speech bubbles the girls are holding which are like, quite important, were cropped out of the frame, I won’t blame him though, with Felixia and Yumi right in front of him…. Huh? What speech bubble? –.-)

IMG_0882_副本 So I had to go back to them like an idiot and ask for another picture.



Leng Yein was the host of the event, and Malaysian artist Danny One also made a special appearance.

There were killer dance performances too!

They also gave away some prizes to the contest winners, and I heard one of the prizes were a Beats Solo Headphone, jealous MAX!

It was a fun filled night indeed!


So hurry up, install WeChat to your smart phone, and enjoy a whole new experience of social networking!


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