Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Important News.

It has been centuries, I know. I just finished my term project, well not entirely, there’s another one due next Monday, and I’m also having my final exams this week, life is kinda hectic for me right now that I might be postponing my monthly shoots to 1st of July, sad, really really sad, but it will still be considered as a June issue, so there’ll be 2 issues in July, Yay?

I’ve already figured out the theme and everything, just can’t find the right weekend to do the photo shooting with my girls :(

Despite the hectic schedule, there are so many important birthdays in June that I had to spend my weekends spending time with my important ones (Mom, Bf, BFF, Amy, Aunt, Eric and so many more!)

Alright, back to studying! :)



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