Saturday, May 26, 2012

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Style: magazine June issue

The editor of Style: magazine Malaysia, Aileen, came to our class this Thursday as a guest speaker about the magazine, the process of putting the magazine together, and how is it like to be the editor of Style: magazine. Also, I am seriously thinking about doing my internship with Style:.


DSC_0005 (2)_副本

A custom made dream-catcher by a friend’s friend. Check out her Facebook page if you want one!

DSC_0015 (2)_副本

No caption for this, really. Just a very very simple and casual outfit I wore today to check out my future new house, and to Empire for late lunch and grocery shopping with mom and aunt. Speaking of Empire, I thought of trying out my luck to see if I can finally get a piece of the famous Pink Stacks cake from Whisk, but nope, I’m out of luck, and what’s even worse was, when I left, I checked Whisk’s twitter account and they were going to have a 2nd delivery of the day, right after I left! What is this?

Not just that, I went to Diva, full of hopes, to buy that snake necklace which I saw just a week before, and unsurprisingly, it isn’t there anymore, how bad is my luck huh? Mom says it has to do with fate, if it’s not yours, it’s not yours. BUT I WANT IT TO BE MINE!

The reason I didn’t buy it the week before was I thought I won’t need it, but I end up thinking about it 24-7, and when I finally said, I MUST HAVE IT!, it’s not there anymore. No wonder they say “Buy now, or regret later” :(

Wasn’t a really great day.

Ending it with a picture of a cheeseburger I had as late lunch, from La Bodega.


P/S I’m seriously planning to drive to Empire early morning tomorrow just to get a piece of their Pink Stacks cake, thinking about it and not being able to taste it is driving me nuts!

Have a great Sunday! I know I will! Holding a slice of Pink Stacks cake with a BIG smile on my face! :D

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