Monday, May 21, 2012

InstaUpdate 210512

Hello fellow earthlings ♥

Before I begin with my very first InstaUpdate (pictures I’ve posted on Instagram, follow me if you haven’t already, username “ashleyahn”), here’s a little teaser of G&G’s May Issue photo shoot I’ve done yesterday.


Only managed to edit one picture because I’m currently suffering from a terrible backache which doesn’t allow me to sit in front of the laptop for long hours, but I’m trying my best to get it done as soon as possible >.<

Will talk more about it when I finish editing the pictures!


Now let’s start with my InstaUpdate.

Discovered this new app called Catwang, and I went a lil cray cray with it.


My little Bobo :3

some vainpot moments

Finally tried out the matte nail polish I got from Etude House last year.

Galaxy print dress Amy got for me from

New nude heels I got from Agape Boutique for only RM48 only!

Close up shot!

Health juice that actually tastes good, LOTS passion fruit green tea health juice for RM5.90 (NP: RM7.90), available at Sunway Pyramid.

I consume a lot of unhealthy food and drinks all the time because they are yummy, so I think it’s good to give your body a break once a while and pamper it with lots of vitamins and nutrition.

This is not an ad, I just think that this deserves to be shared, because health IS beauty :)

Bought rose and apple flower teas from LOTS too for only RM19.90, brewed it the next day. It’s believed to have slimming and skin brightening effect.

Great timing for me to insert the phrase BEAU-TEA!

Spent my Saturday revisiting Brotzeit because AJ and I missed the Mango Affensaft so much, Newnew tagged along too.

Ordered a plate of mini pork cheese sausages and spicy wedges as beer snacks, this is the way to enjoy life!

Saturday Style Shot

Goofed around the mall at 11pm.

Went to Whisk at Empire Gallery Mall, to try their famous Pink Stacks Cake (they even got the name ‘Pink Stacks’ registered), but sadly they were all sold out :(

So instead of Pink Stacks, I had a Red Velvet cake and a Granny’s cake along with a cup of caffe latte. Two words, MUST TRY!

P/S I am not giving up until I taste that Pink Stacks Cake myself!

A sample I got from Innisfree when I went to Korea last year, and I finally decided to take it out and use it last night, it smells like actual strawberry yogurt and it contains tiny little fake strawbie seeds to make it look even more convincing.

Koreans O.O


Back to photo editing! Tas!


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