Monday, May 21, 2012

G&G May ‘12 Boyish Look

[Check out last month’s album here.]
Finally! I’m done editing all of the chosen pictures from yesterday’s shoot for May 2012 ‘Boyish Look’ album.
Been looking through a lot of fashion pics and I saw a great amount of blazers, bow ties, collar shirts, flare pants were being worn, and that’s how I got inspired to do a Boyish Look album.
If you remember, AJ was my one and only model for last month’s album, but for this month, we have a new member who joined in our (hopefully) growing wolf pack, which is our gorgeous friend Newnew! *welcome hugs*
Now, let me start off by giving myself some credits (LOL!)
Models: AJ, Newnew
Photographer, Make Up, Stylist: Me
Venue: My room, playground at my housing area

2 scenes, 4 different outfits, garment details are listed below the picture (all garments belong to me, my mom or the models).
DSC_0061 - Copy_副本
Varsity Jacket: Model’s own
Blue one piece dress: FLOW (Korea)
Knee-high socks: TOPSHOP
Shoes: Wooaai TimeSquare

On Newnew
Denim jacket: Mom’s hand-me-down
Oversized Tee: Cotton On men
Denim shorts: Model’s own
Sheer stockings: Unknown
Socks: FLOW (Korea)
Shoes: Tomato (Korea)
Cap: Unknown (Korea)
DSC_0188_副本 DSC_0207_副本
DSC_0223_副本 DSC_0152_副本1
Hat: Mom’s
White shirt: UNIQLO
Black ribbon: Mom’s waistband for another garment
Flare pants: Mom’s
Shoes: Model’s own

On Newnew
Hat: Forever 21
White Polo shirt: Ralph Lauren
Bow tie: Daiso
Blazer: ZARA
Belt: Charles&Keith
Flare pants: Mom’s
Shoes: Forever 21

If you were wondering, the wall with baby blue words all over it, is my Wall of Names, doodled all of my friends’ names on it few years ago with AJ’s help, glad it was really of great use :D
Could’ve taken more pictures but the weather didn’t let us, everyone was sweating all over the place and it was horrible, hopefully the weather will be bearable for next month’s!
Any ideas for June? Let me know!

P/S if anyone of you are interested to join our small little wolf pack, please contact me :)
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