Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Candy Girl Corset Party by rarablack.com

This is a way-too-long overdue post, it was sitting in my Drafts category collecting dusts and I didn’t realize it until now, apologies!

I attended a corset party held by rarablack.com probably a month ago at Werner’s Changkat, I was there late, so I missed the beginning of the whole thing which includes the introduction and all things important, in conclusion, I missed the whole damn event, but still on time to snap some pictures to blog about it :)

This event was basically, I would like to say Celebrate, the new additions to rarablack.com, which are Corset Me, and Lovely Legs.

About rarablack.com:

Rarablack.com’s mission is to encourage ‘looking stylish’ with offerings from select fashion designers and labels focusing on Dresses as they believe it to be the essence of femininity, be it day dresses for work and play, sexy party dresses for a night out with the girls, classic cocktail dresses for elegant weddings and their very own specialty, the staple outfit to suit all occasions with great style, the iconic Little Black Dress.

On top of dresses, they also offer a special selection of casual tops/blouses, skirts, pants, shorts, and accompanying accessories.

To date, rarablack.com offers collection from exclusive partners (DressingPaula, Kheng Yu shoes, Corset Me, COUTURECHICS to list a few) bringing you the latest, most fashionable at affordable prices.




About Corset Me:

Corset Me holds a range of very diverse corset designs that is suitable for almost any event or function and even for office wear! Provides fashion corsets that helps you flaunt your assets but at the same time not suffocating you like the traditional corsets.



About Lovely Legs:

Lovely Legs offers quality women’s hosiery made from comfortable, durable material that fits many different body shapes and sizes from around the world at affordable prices, Provides large range of stylish and fashionable designs, including some one of a kind pieces carefully selected by Lovely Legs to keep in touch with the hottest trends at the moment. From casual cotton leggings, to sophisticated stockings, or something glamorous to match the party animal in you, Lovely Legs’ collection is sure to impress.



Now time for some photos during the party!



Free makeover for the guests by Beverlyn Ooi.

I love that make up luggage! Wonder where she bought it from :/




Great thing about this party was you get to do some shopping on the spot! Lovely Legs leggings for sale as shown in the photo above.

DSC_0034_副本Corset Me corsets.


The ladies doing what they do best, Shopping.



Me and my amigos <3


Fellow Rafflesian :)



Lissa, one of the few people I can dish out mean words as greetings but we both know that it’s just a joke.




A photo of me and a not so fabulous cocktail, only for photography purposes.


Make sure to check out rarablack.com. Happy Shopping!



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