Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Raffles 27th Graduation Show

Yes, I am officially a fresh graduate. But don’t congratulate me just yet, because I’ll be further studying for one more year, you can congratulate me when I graduate then.

My graduation wasn’t just a graduation, it was also the final judging day for our brand SOLEMATE. Sadly, we didn’t win Best Group Project, but this whole journey was one hell of an experience for me. I learned a lot, as in A LOT during the making of this project, and the 6 of us got to know each other better, it was a gift of a lifetime.

The day was filled with nervousness, anxiousness, happiness, sadness and everything else mixed together which is impossible to be expressed through words. But it is a day that I would remember forever.



I actually wore 2 different outfits, 1 was for the judging and 1 for the convocation, but I don’t have pictures of me in the 1st one so here’s the other one.

Shirt dress: Paul&Alice

Belt: Charles&Keith

Shoes: ALDO


Cupcakes that matches our products! Super adorable!

DSC_1028Me posing with our booth



Uncle Ong, one of the few very important people in my life. Without him I won’t even be at this graduation show.


DSC_1038 DSC_1039 

Looking extremely fat here, wonder if it’s the bad angle or just me…



With mom and lil sis AJ


Largest batch of all graduates this year.

DSC_1077With AJ and Peiwen



Aunt and mom




With the fatty <3

Actually those aren’t exactly all fats, underneath are all 100% muscles, it’s just that they are currently covered by a layer of fats, but if you think that this is just a girlfriend defending for her boyfriend, because it certainly sounds like it, I can’t do much about it can’t I? LOL

DSC_1091 With all the family and friends that came to support me :D


Now, time for some SOLEMATE group pics!


Definitely felt like a celebrity getting our pictures taken by so many people at once, holding flowers some more. But the sad truth is, the people taking our photos are all of our own friends and family. HAHA!



Didn’t manage to get a perfect picture of us with my camera but we still look good anyways.





Full view of our booth that costs almost RM6k not even including the products *heartache*





Taken from my Instagram, full view of our naked booth.

Credits to Boon (our graphic designer) and Uncle Sim (contractor)


IMG_3325 My loves <3





Us trying not to block the logo :P




Totally loving her hair and the mustard blazer!



Smiling fresh graduate!

I may be smiling but I was actually super tired, stayed back till 12am to tear apart our RM6k and clear up everything. Bf and I walked across to Pavilion to watch The Hunger Games after that and I slept through half of the movie.

So glad yet sad that everything is over.


You’ll be seeing me in pony tails for quite a while because I got a bad hair cut :(



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