Monday, April 9, 2012

G&G April ‘12 Nice, Naughty & In Between

Hi there! So as promised, here are the complete set of photos I took of AJ yesterday.
We did 3 different looks as the title says, NICE, NAUGHTY & IN BETWEEN. The garments and accessories are all mine and AJ’s, I’ll be adding the outfit details along with the pictures.
Inspired by my Diploma final project SOLEMATE’s current collection “Naughty & Nice”, and somehow thanks to Maatin for coming up with “In Between” for SOLEMATE’s next collection, so I thought of combining them together and make it this photo shoot’s theme. (For those who doesn’t know about our yet-to-launch brand SOLEMATE, I’ll be doing a special feature post for it once I get the look book from Maatin, and you girls should get yourselves ready cause we’ll be selling them “excited!*)
So, for the NICE look, I’ve put on some flowers, lots of soft pastel and nude colours, with lace on her, and it turned out very VIVI-ish. Super loved how this look turned out in the end.
Floral crown: DIY-ed
Light pink sheer cape top with laced back: FOREVER 21
White spaghetti: FOREVER 21
Black skirt that looks pretty out of place: Random shop in Korea
Lace socks: Mom’s hand-me-down
Wedges: ALDO
Hair: Slightly tousled for a messy wind blown yet romantic effect
*What I don’t really like about this look is the black skirt, if I had a lace skirt it would’ve been perfect, but come to think of it, the black skirt kind of matches her hair so I think it isn’t THAT bad*

DSC_1119copyDSC_1106_副本 DSC_1110_副本 DSC_1166_副本 DSC_1167copyDSC_1134_副本
 DSC_1137_副本  DSC_1138_副本

For the NAUGHTY look, I added darker toned colours, mostly black and maroon, with gold details. Wanted something biker chic fierceness, but with a hint of glamour and elegant, not to forget sexiness ;)
Jacket: FLOW (Korea)
Maroon sheer shirt maxi dress: Cotton On
Black skirt: Random shop in Korea
Necklace: FOREVER 21
Belt: Charles & Keith
Shoes: Tomato (Korea)
Hair: Curled and pinned up (low) to achieve a glamorous look
DSC_1436copy DSC_1328copyDSC_1601copy
This look was my favourite :D

Love the hair too, ok I’m indirectly praising myself.

Last but not least, the IN BETWEEN.
What’s the better way to explain it other than “A Little Bit of Both'”?
There’s a lot of pearl details in this look because I wanted to showcase my DIY creation (pearl collar) and one of SOLEMATE’s product (pearl foldable ballerinas & matching clutch that comes in one set)
DSC_1215copyDSC_1224_副本Blazer: ZARA
Black tank top: F.O.S
Black skirt: Random shop in Korea
Tights: Model’s own
Shoes and Bag: SOLEMATE
Pearl faux collar: DIY-ed
Pearl bracelet: DIY-ed
Belt: Mom’s hand-me-down
Phone: Mine :P
Hair: Slightly loosen up French braid for the “effortless” look
DSC_1212_副本 Coco Dotsy from SOLEMATE

The locations used for all the photos above are either inside my house or around my housing area.
Would love to do this again someday, so who wants to be my next model? Hehe

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