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Brotzeit’s New Dishes! (*Corrected)



Was invited to Brotzeit’s food review session by Leonard Foong a couple of weeks ago, because there will be a few new dishes being added to their menu, and I was one of the lucky few to get the chance to taste them ^^V

Before I get into the details, for those of you who haven’t heard or went or knew about Brotzeit, here’s their Facebook page which you can feel free to go check it out.

Now back to the review session, I got to choose between the Mid Valley outlet or the Sunway Pyramid one, and since I’ve already went to the one in Mid Valley a few times, I  chose to go to Pyramid instead. PS/ Leonard was kind enough to let me bring a plus 1, so I brought AJ along with me :)



My outfit of the day.

IMG_3448And since AJ and I arrived early, we dropped by Tiamo to visit our dear friend, Peiwen.



Once I stepped into Brotzeit, I was surprised by how the restaurant was filled with happy customers, fulfilling their tummy with the perfectly prepared meals by the professional Brotzeit chefs.

Not to mention the great service provided by the waiters.



A MUST TRY! I’m not a big fan of beer, but this is an exception.

*Mango Affensaft, which I call Mango Beer. And as obvious as it sounds, yes there’s a hint of mango sweetness which is just enough to make the beer bitterness bearable for me. Cheers to that!*


For the starters, first, we had Salat mit Schafskäse/ Feta Salad, which is a mixed salad with feta cheese, red bell peppers, semi-dried tomatoes, onions, olives, garlic, croutons and sour cream.

Priced at RM38 for a regular sized, and RM23 for a small sized.

Now who says healthy foods are all yuckie? Loved the fresh vegetables and the cheese!


Next, we had Schupfnudeln (how do you even pronounce this?!) / Bavarian Potato Dumpling & Spinach, a dish made out of finger shaped potato dumplings served with fresh spinach, mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, German hard cheese shavings & balsamic glace.

You can get this at the price of RM32.

I never knew things like potato dumplings existed at first and I couldn’t imagine how it would taste like before I tried it myself, but after I did, I was like HALLELUJAH!


*And the last dish for starters was Brotzeittflade Salami/ Salami Pizza affordably priced at RM30.

Ingredients used are tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, salami, onions and red bell peppers.*

Not much I can say about this dish except giving it a huge thumbs up (Y)! Plus the crust of the pizza is made out of brown dough, so I assume it’s healthier compared to the normal white dough, because everything brown is better, like brown sugar, brown rice, etc?

IMG_3465Moving on to the main course, our first dish was the Pork Roast/ Schweinebraten, Bavarian marinated roasted pork collar slices in creamy gravy, accompanied with bacon beans and napkin dumpling

This dish was one of my absolute favourites, the pork literally melted once I put it in my mouth, and the gravy was just amazing. Definitely gonna visit again soon for this dish.

Price is RM38, which I think is very reasonable for a delicious dish like this, worth every penny!


IMG_3466Cordon Bleu, what can I say? I just LOVE anything with cheese.

Breaded escalope of pork stuffed with fine leg ham and melted cheese, for only RM38! I kid you not!


Next we had the Bavarian Style Pork Ribs, which you can choose between original or honey, this mouth-watering dish is basically succulent pork ribs marinated with Brotzeit’s secret spices and roasted to perfection, served with sauerkraut and potato salad. Looks good and tastes beyond awesome I tell you.

Price is RM55(half) and RM89(Full).


Last but not least, the Striplion Steak / Rindersteak, grain fed striploin steak with mushroom- peppercorn sauce, garden vegetables and your choice of potato at RM52.


Now for the ladies’ favourite part, DESSERTS!!!


White Crispy Chocolate Lava Cake, how cute is that? Comes with raspberry jam or something like that if I’m not wrong, which is sour, so when I ate it with the lava cake, it neutralizes the sweetness, so it doesn’t taste too sweet.

The price is RM20 for this.



Didn’t take a good picture of the last dessert, and I have no idea why.

Apfelküchle/ Apple Fritters, Slices of green apple in fluffy dough, turned cinnamon sugar and served with vanilla ice cream. The price is not fixed at the moment, but I’m sure it will be, very soon.


Are these pictures and words tempting you yet? Make sure you pay a visit to Brotzeit, I can guarantee that you’ll leave the place with a satisfied stomach, because I sure did! :)

Click on Brotzeit’s Facebook link below as I’m sure all the information you want to know will be available there.



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