Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photoshoot: KPOP

Done a Kpop themed photo shoot at G6, Gardens with Lewis (photographer) and 4 other girls, and magically we formed a new Kpop girl group.

The clothes, or maybe calling it a costume will be more appropriate, was wacky enough to make me feel uncomfortable, wildest colour combinations everrrr.. but it was nice to step outside of my comfort zone, once in a while.

Caught yawning :O

Bf says all of us somehow look alike. Ok, the longer I stare at the photo above, the more I agree with him. Pretty scary though. Maybe it’s the nose.

Ka Man, a sweet and pretty lady I met few months ago at work, she came to help out :)



Feel bad for self-praising, but I think I look really good with my hair up like that :P

The hairstylist, Jiro, did beautiful curls with my hair, he works at a salon located at Desa Setapak, and he became my official hairstylist since yesterday, and he is also 20 y/o. So young.

As of now, I’m preparing some props for an upcoming photo shoot with AJ.

Above are some fake flowers for a flower crown.

Want to make something like this but couldn’t find the right material, oh well :/


2 more days left till graduation, nervousness strikes!

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