Friday, March 23, 2012

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2012 - MAEPS

Yet another awesomest party in KL, by Johnnie Walker.

Not sure if this is a sad thing or what, but I didn’t get to work for JWBCL this time because my previous agent Marilyn was replaced by Janet and I wasn’t informed, but screw that, I had an amazing night with my besties. And PS, my freelance babes who were working that night introduced me to the new agent Janet, and I got her email ;)

With Jason in my JW uniform during JWBCL 2011 at KL Live

So, back to 2012, this was my very first time doing actual partying at Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, went there with Shann, Maatin and Marianne. Thanks to Shann for winning 4 passes from MHB.

Taken from the photobooth machine at the event, and posted straight to my Facebook wall, love it!

They provide Polaroid service too :)



Got to take a picture with Dawn Yang from, such a beauty she is.

(Excuse me for all the bokehs, addicted!)

557817_10150686276676067_505481066_9189612_795246406_n_副本With Eric, the sexiest phone doctor alive.


Samantha Kong, she loved my earrings and I loved hers.

Casually inserting a fashion update :P

Outfit of the night:

Bling tube top: (can be worn as a skirt)

Leopard skinny belt: Taipei (五分铺)

High-waisted flare stripe pants: Mom’s

Earrings: DIY-ed

Silver watch: Guess


I had a great night, great services and entertainments, lots of laughs and chatter, free flow of JW all night long but I didn’t drink at all, had a flight to catch the next day, the bottle of black label on our table remained sealed the whole night, but for Shann, as usual, went tipsy from the 2nd glass onwards.

Met a few awesome people, some fashionistas especially, conversations with fashion lovers are always funny and dramatic, which I love, what’s better than talking to people about something you love and you’re both in common with? Cupcakes! Naddah.

People are just extra friendly after downing some alcohol.

Left at 1am because Shann was falling asleep standing up thanks to the drinks.

More photos coming up, stay tuned <3


I’m currently in Korea, at my grandparent’s place, trying to adapt to the cold weather (5 degree celcius + rain = North Pole), and snacking my life away. So cold outside I’m not even hyped up about going shopping, kidding!

Have a great day :)


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